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Madysen Smith

Mady is a student pursuing a degree in Marine Biology and Psychology at Dalhousie University. She relocated from Southern Ontario in 2021 in order to discover everything the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. 

Her passion regarding ocean life stems from early integration into the study of marine mammals, as a result of working in close quarters with whales, dolphins, sea lions and more. 

Upon moving to the maritimes, Mady completed her PADI Open Water certification with visiting colleagues, and fell in love with the family-like aspect that the dive community here has to offer. 

While she continues to pursue further diving experience along with her studies, Mady continues to yearn for the deep understanding of the ocean world around us; which motivates her to encourage everyone around her to discover the ocean world. 

Madysen Smith

Shop Staff

Learn more about our professional team at East Coast Scuba & Watersports.  We are here to assist you with all your diving, retail, rental and repair needs.  We are very proud of our staff.  

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