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Bachman's Beach Dive Site

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
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Certification level: Novice to advanced


Bachman’s Beach is a shore dive.  Due to its protected location and easy entrance the site is pretty calm for the most part and great for beginner/novice divers or anyone who wants a relaxed dive to practice skills or test new gear. It is an easy walk into the water from the beach.  The Beach its self is composed of rocks and sand.  Caution should be exercised when walking over the rock if they are wet.  On the left side of the beach there are two boat moorings.  There is the typical sea life you would expect to find:  Crabs, Lobster, Flounder and minnows.  There are a lot of clam holes in the silt and micro shrimp can be observed milling about above these holes.  There are also some older bottles and newer bottles alike strewn about the bottom. 


Bottom Composition and Depth:

Sandy/rocky/grassy/silty, 45ft/13.72m

The Bottom is a gentle slope and from the entry to 15’/4.5m is an array of rocks, sand and sea grass.  At approximately 15’/4.5m the bottom turns to silt.  Maintaining buoyancy is a must at this location if you want to maintain good visibility.  It is possible to reach a depth deeper than 45’/13.72m if you continue out of the protection of the cove. 


There are no washrooms or canteen facilities at Bachman’s beach 

however it is a great spot to picnic or have a small BBQ. 

There is ample parking and garbage cans available in the area so

make sure that you pick up after yourself for continued

use of the beach.  Any cell phone should work in this area

in case of emergency.


Hazards and Safety:

As the bottom is mostly silt it is imperative that good buoyancy

is practiced to maintain visibility.  This cove is also used for

recreational boating so it would be a good idea to dive with a

float to warn away boat traffic.


Depending on the weather the visibility is usually quite good between 20ft/6m to 40ft/12.19m

























Emergency Information:


Bachman's Beach

2 Peninsula Rd

NS B0J 2C0


In case of Emergency call 911


Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC Search and Rescue): 1-800-565-1582

DAN (Divers Alert Network): (919) 684-8111 or (919) 684-4326

Marine VHF: Channel 16

Recompression Chamber:(902) 473-7998


More pictures coming soon!!

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