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Mill Cove Beach Dive Site

Mill Cove Shore Road, Nova Scotia
Certification Level:  novice


This dive site rather nice beach entry dive but remember this site may be busy during the summer months as it is a beach and just down the road is Mill Cove Jetty/Wharf thats also a great dive site.


Parking on the side of the road and be respectful of locals, not blocking the road or drive ways


There are no rest room facilities at the site, there are a number of stores along the 329 hwy you can stop to use the bathroom

Site Entry/Exit

You can easily enter this site from any where along the beach area.  There are benches and waste recycling bin on site.

Points of interest/natural navigation aids:

There are typically lots of lobsters during the warmer months in the shallows.

Bottom Composition & Depth:

This site starts off as mostly sandy and turns to rock/sand formations.

Depth can range from 5ft/1.5m to 40ft/9m very slow depth change.


Visibility varies 30ft to 40ft/9m to 12m is not uncommon for this site.


Boat traffic
kayak/ paddle board traffic
Lobster traps


More Information and pictures Coming Soon
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