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Fralick Cove Dive Site

Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Certification Level:  Novice


Fralick Cove - a great site with easy entry over a gravel bottom and is a perfect site for new divers to gain some experience. 


There is lots of parking at the end of the road


There are no rest room facilities at the site.

Site Entry/Exit

After the short walk down to the water, you'll find its an easy entry

Points of interest/natural navigation aids:

Divers exploring this site can see a variety of sea life including lobsters, crabs, flounder, nudibranchs.

Bottom Composition & Depth:

Bottom composition from gravel to a sandy bottom with lots of boulders.  This is a fairly shallow dive, which means you can spend a fair bit of time there, average depth is 25ft/7.6m


Visibility can be limited due to runoff, but generally good. 20ft/40ft -6m to 12m.

Hazards and Safety:

Boat traffic can be problematic, may be worth having an SMB on hand.

More Information and pictures Coming Soon
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