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Burns Point Dive Site

West Dover, Nova Scotia / 44.488342, -63.866981
Burns Point
Certification Level:  Open Water - Easy Dive, Challenging Entry/Exit

Over View:

Burns Point is a fairly protected dive site.  There is a fair hike from the upper road that you'll have to make.  This site is best dove at high tide as entry can be a little challenging at low tide but there are two spots you can enter the water.  Burns Point has a nice wall dive that you can explore and makes for easy navigation.

The dive site depth ranges from 30ft/9.4m to 65ft/19.8m.  The channel from the shore to the sheltering islands is 65' deep with a gravel bottom. The shoreline drops in a series of ledges and cliffs into these depths! There are areas of huge boulders with poke in areas with neat marine life. 

If you plan to swim around the island allow for a dive time of approx 80mins, the depth on the other side of the island is around 15ft/4.5m.



                                                                                                                                                               Enter into google / gps etc
                                                                                                                                                               151 West Dover Branch Road, West Dover

Marine Life changes with the season, ranges from nudibranchs, cunners, lobster, gooseberrys, star fish, jelly fish etc...

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