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Dive Nova Scotia

Discover Local Diving
Discover Local Diving

Whether you are newly certified, experienced, on vacation or just moved to the area, ECSW can show you the wonders Nova Scotia has to offer below the surface.  Why not take a guided tour with one of our highly qualified staff?  We're able to brief you about each dive site and its points of interest.  Check out the page on Dive Sites in Nova Scotia.  Email us today for a quote or fill out the form on Contact us.

Shipwreck Diving

The waters of Nova Scotia are full of wrecks waiting to be explored by all certification levels.  We can supply you with dive brief and a history of the ship; we're very luck to say our staff have well over 15 years of experience with diving these wrecks. You'll find artificial reefs (sunk for diver), world war wrecks, ships that misjudged Nova Scotia's jagged rocky shoreline and ships that met misfortune due to scavenging and much more.  Visit our Wrecks of Nova Scotia page where you'll find pictures, videos and date wreck sank as well as certification level. Call the shop or check out our Facebook page for the most up to date charter schedule.

Charters will continue till November 29th (more updates coming soon)

Cruise Ship Dive Tour

East Coast Scuba & Watersports experienced staff will pick you up from your cruise ship and return with enough time to tour around the beautiful harbour.  We'll show you the wonders Nova Scotia waters hold, we have many dive sites and wrecks to offer.  Families welcome, snorkeling gear is available for non divers. We'll bring all the gear required to ensure you have the best dive possible with the maximum time.

club dive
ECSW Club Dives

Join us weekly on Thursday evenings for a group dive. All club dives are shore entry and are inclusive of all skill and ability levels. We keep our group size small and buddy up based on experience and individual dive plans. To our newly certified divers: Everyone is always learning, and everyone starts somewhere. The only way to get more comfortable and gain experience is by getting out and going scuba diving!

The local dive community is fabulous! There are many PADI professionals and skilled divers that are more than willing to help, share knowledge and ensure everyone is having fun!

Join our community Facebook page and Discord channel to stay up to date on club dives and make your own dive plans!

Dive Gear Rental

East Coast Scuba & Watersports has top of the line rental equipment, we believe in the motto train like you dive, dive like a pro.  We wouldn't want to rent you anything else but the best.  All of our equipment is tested after each use to ensure it is operating at 100% and hygienically clean. Whether you're on course, going for a recreational dive or looking to make a purchase, our rental fleet includes recreational and technical equipment in a variety of configurations and sizes. Try before you buy, let us help you find what works best for you. Daily, weekend and weekly rates available. Discounted rates for full kits and rentals with guided dives. 


Available to rent:






Weight belt & lead



Neoprene gloves

Dry gloves






Aluminum tanks (63, 80 cuft)

Steel tanks (50, 80, 100, 120 cuft)

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