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New Harbour Dive Site

Blandford, Nova Scotia

Certification Level:  Novice


New Harbour had a whaling station on the far side near the mouth of the cove back in the 50's and 60's. When Canada ended commercial whaling, the plant closed. It is completely gone today and a grassy hill is all that remains where it used to be. In the cove today there are still some whale bones to be found

On the far side, directly opposite a pale blue fish shack, in 15-19' of water are two 5 m long skulls. Various ribs, shoulder blades and rare vertebrae are scattered about the cove. However, the normal low visibility makes finding them difficult - it's tough enough to stay with your buddy.
Site Description:

New Harbour Cove is a shore dive in a sheltered cove with an easy entry / Exit point, there are steps that can be used down to the water or just do a giant stride off the wharf.

Bottom composition and depth:

Cores sand combined with soft silt bottom had shells scattered over it and small pebbles. Isolated large boulders of a dark shale were rich in seaweeds.

You'll be able to spend lots of time at this site as its fairly shallow 10 to 20ft/3m to 6m average



Don't forget this is a working Harbour and be careful for boat traffic.  Beware there may be a fair bit of ropes as its an active fishing harbour.


Visibility is can range from really good to very poor.


Emergency Contacts


Please note that either you or your buddy has a phone, cell reception is good in this particular area.



Dickson Building of The Victoria General (902) 473-7998


Police and Ambulance (911)


DIVERS ALERT NETWORK (DAN) 1-919-684-4DAN (4326)


South West Health

Yarmouth, NS · (902) 742-3541


QE II Hospital (902) 473-2220


Marine Radio VHF Channel 16

More Information and pictures Coming Soon
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