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Polly Cove Dive Site

St Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia
Certification Level:  Novice


Polly cove is an good site for all level of divers.  Its best to dive this when the wind is blowing off shore but the surrounding islands offer some shelter.  High slack tide also offers the best visibility.  Just off the entry the cove offers a vertical wall that starts in 15ft/4.5m of water and drops to about 40ft/12m.  The bottom consists of mostly coarse sand littered with sand dollars, crabs and lobsters.  There was a wreck halfway between the entry point and the large island to the south that lies in about 25ft/7.6m, however the weather and ocean has taken its tole on this wreckage and very little of it remains today.


There is a small parking lot in this area


There are no rest room facilities at the site.

Site Entry/Exit

There is a fairly long hike to reach the entry point to this site.  Almost .4kms to the foundations and then another 500ft/152m to the water

Points of interest/natural navigation aids:

The points of interest at this site lots of lobsters, some wreckage may still be found and a nice rock wall.

Bottom Composition & Depth:

Sandy for the most part, depth ranges 4ft/1.2m to 40ft/12m


Visibility varies based on many influences including the weather - rain runoff, wind and waves - the tides and the time of the day.  Improved visibility may be experienced during slack high tide.  Visibility of 30ft to 40ft/9m to 12m is not uncommon for this site.


Travel west on route 103 to exit 5 approx 25kms from Halifax.  Take a left turn at the top of exit 5 and follow route 213 to the stop sign and turn right onto route 3.  Follow route 3 for less than 300meters and turn left at the lights onto route 333.  Then follow the sign to Peggy's Cove.  After reaching the turn off ot Peggy's Cove travel another


More Information and pictures Coming Soon
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