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Discover SCUBA Diving 

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Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is for you.


Course Details

We offer this program in confined water - pool. While not a scuba certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Take your first breaths under water with our experienced staff.


Duration: Approx duration 2hrs


  • Completed Dive Medical Form,

  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Be at least 10 years old

  • For youth we'll need to complete youth in diving flip chart

Supplied Items: Complete Scuba unit

Course conduct:

You'll learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI professional divemaster or instructor.

  • Go over the scuba equipment you use to dive 

  • Take your first breathe underwater.

  • Learn key skills that you’ll use during every scuba dive.

  • Have fun swimming around underwater in the pool.

Diver Medical Form

The World Recreational Scuba Training Council/DAN (Diver Alert Network) and Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society worked together to produce the Diver Medical form.  

Before any training can take place divers are required to fill out this Diver Medical Form.  Please read thoroughly and answer honestly. If you can answer "Yes" to question 3, 5, or 10, OR any question on page 2, then you are required to obtain a physician's release on this form. 

Training Refund Policy

To sign up for a course a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. Elearning codes transferred to another student if the e-learning code has not been sent.

Rescheduling Fee:  $150 rescheduling fee for missed courses or last minute changes, within 1 week of the start date. This fee must be paid before rescheduling to the next course date.

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