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Paddle Boarding / Stand-up Paddle Board

Looking to find a way to enjoy even more time adventuring or relaxing out on the water? Check out our Stand Up Paddleboards!

Not sure about it or want to improve your skills? Why not take a Paddleboard Course?! Here at East Coast Scuba & Watersports, we have a highly qualified Paddle Canada certified instructor and offer weekly group paddle sessions to connect you with other paddlers too.

Paddleboarding is a sport that can be relaxing, it is a great workout and it's a magnificent  way to explore Nova Scotia's numerous waterways.

Stand Up Paddle Boards are designed differently for a number of varying environments and activities – flat water or surf, touring or even yoga. This is why we stock a wide range of boards be it  traditional or displacement hulled, hard (Epoxy, Fiberglass, TPU, Bamboo, Carbon) or Inflatable (MSL drop stitch), we have all paddleboard bases covered. 


We have a wide range of Pulse and Akona Paddle Boards, ridged (Tec Rec/Traditionals, Isups - inflatable, soft). 

IMG_8206 B.JPG


Why not try one before you buy one?

Contact us about our rates for:

Daily Rental (24hrs)

Weekend Special

Weeklong special

All rentals include paddleboard, leash and a paddle.

TG Paddle.jpg


We have Paddle Board Canada certification instructors. We can go over the basic paddle techniques in the shop, we have one instructor who is simply amazing with Paddle Boards for those interested in taking the Paddle Canada Course.

Don't See a date that works for you let us know and we can look at booking something that works for you!

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