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Why Take your IDC - Instructor Development Course with East Coast Scuba & Watersports?


As a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center, we not only hold ourselves to offering top quality courses, our passion is focusing on professional development level training. Our team is very passionate about the ocean and sharing why diving in the North Atlantic Ocean is worth it!


Not only do we have two PADI Course Directors who strongly believe in team teaching

but we want to set you up for success with your teaching career as a newly minted OWSI. We will be here to guide/mentor you through the PADI system.  Not everyone can take a week 
off of work, we can work with you to create a custom schedule that will work for you! The reason we are able to do this is because we have two resident Course Directors who are not traveling into the province to run an IDC.

Our MSDT Prep Course and mentorship program

We want to set you up for success with teaching diving.  We will include the O2 provider and Drysuit Instructor rating with our IDC.  With both John and Tracy holding a wide range of Instructor Trainer specialities we can instruct you in (Deep, Nav, Wreck, Self-Reliant and many more PADI Speciality Courses).  Which will make your diving resume look even more attractive.

Our experienced teaching staff with be there for your first courses.  We can help you achieve your 25 certifications in a timely manor

Knowledge of diving

Both John and Tracy have wide spectrum of diving experience but our IDC support staff does as well. Which will only help expand your own knowledge of diving. 




















Why Become a PADI Instructor…


* Are you looking for something extraordinary?


** Would you like a career doing things that others can only you can dream of?


*** In your work would you like to not only transform your life but the lives of others?


**** How would you feel if doors opened that you didn’t even know existed?


***** Have you ever thought about making money doing what you enjoy?


****** Are you feeling “burned out” at your current occupation?


******* Have you ever wondered what would it feel like to look forward to going to work in the morning?


********* Would you like to be qualified to work in warm tropical locations throughout the world?


If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Winter/Spring 2024 Course Dates:

February  IDC Date Break Down:

- Meet greet / Gear Check out dive / IDC Prep
- Assistant Instructor Course
- EFR Instructor Course

   (some of this course will be completed by candidates at night during the AI)
- Dive/Study (Charter days)
- IE Prep Day (Study/dive)
- IE


Fall 2024 Course Dates:

Oct IDC Date Break Down:

- Meet greet / Gear Check out dive / IDC Prep

- Assistant Instructor

- EFR Instructor

- Dive/Study (Charter Days)


- IE Prep Day (Study/Dive)

- IE

Meet your Trainer

John Stone

Became a Course Director in 2014.  John has a passion for techinical diving, he is our Techinical Trimix Instructor Trainer.  John has been part of the Nova Scotia Dive Community since 1997


Meet your Trainer

Tracy Gregory

Became a Course Director in 2023, 8 years after becoming a PADI Master Instructor.  Tracy loves sharing this sport  with  others.  Her heart belongs to the deeper end of the ocean and given a choice would spend her free time on the local wrecks around Nova Scotia.   

Meet your Staff

Lauren Bannerman-Maxwell

Became am IDC Staff instructor July 2019, and is excited to support your Instructor Development Course. 

Lauren Bannerman-Maxwell.jpg

Course Schedule

The IDC program runs over 10 consecutive days including the Emergency First Response Instructor course. The PADI Instructor Exam (IE) is then scheduled concurrently 2 days following the IDC. The two days preceeding the exam can be used at the candidates discretion; to practice skills with a mentor, practice presentations refresh dive theory or simply relax and experience diving the Bell Island wrecks, icebergs or perhaps snorkel with humpbacks.  An Optional IDC preparation program is available for those who have not recently completed their DM course and/or are not confident with their Dive Theory. Completing Diver Theory on-line is highly recommended.


PADI Instructor Development Course 

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is the cornerstone of PADI’s professional-level training and is designed to prepare qualified candidates to become PADI Instructors. The course has two components, the Assistant Instructor Course (AI) and the Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor Course (IDC). Together the two courses combine to encompass the entire IDC. Both courses must be completed before attending the PADI Instructor Examination (IE). Each component can be scheduled as a stand-alone course or completed all at one time. Most people complete the entire IDC at one time; however, some people choose to complete the AI Course and gain experience teaching before completing the OWSI Course and taking the Instructor Exam (IE)

Newfoundland is without a doubt one of the best learning environments in the North Atlantic to complete your Instructor Development. Combining the expertise, diversity and experience of East Coast Scuba & Watersports provides a truly first class industry training facility in Canada delivered by our professional team, including two Master Instructors with real world knowledge of the diving industry and eco tourism. Working closely with our PADI IDC team you will gain hands on experience, and formal training in helping to develop you into the best Instructor you can be. With over 20 years of experience in diver education, our IDC team has developed unique and innovative instructor training techniques and specialized workshops, designed specifically to help ensure your success at your Instructor Examination. 

Also included in your Instructor Program:

  • Cylinder rental and air fills during your training

  • FREE additional workshops on rescue techniques and diving skills.

  • A large team of PADI professional support staff to assist

  • Full-time Course Director, 2 Master Instructors available to help you during your training.

  • A comprehensive choice of instructor level continuing education programs.

  • Additional study and support materials, for use free of charge, designed to aid your professional development.

Our team will provide you with quality training, in a professional, yet fun atmosphere, with unsurpassed support during and after your course.

PADI IDC Online 

Through e-learning, your IDC program’s classroom time is reduced, giving you more time to review your dive theory and fine tune your practical skills with our IDC Team.

Additional Fees


During your IDC, EFRI Course, Specialty Instructor Courses & IE, there are registration, application and examination fees that must be paid directly to PADI, enabling you to attend the programs and receive your new ratings. 

All associated costs involved are outlined below.

  • PADI IDC Application Fee

  • PADI EFR (First Aid) Instructor Application Fee

  • PADI Specialty Course Instructor Application Fees

  • PADI Instructor Examination Fee

PADI IDC Preparation Course (1 Day) 

It is important that you receive the proper preparation to make the transition into instructing a success. To help ensure your success during the IDC, we offer all our candidates a one day PADI IDC Preparation Course which will review all your previously learned water skills.  In order to review previously covered theory topics like physics, physiology, dive planning and the like. We suggest you complete the dive theory on-line prior to arriving at the IDC.

Emergency First Response (First Aid) Instructor Training


Before gaining teaching status as a PADI Instructor, you must be certified as an Emergency First Response Instructor. This training takes one day and is run during the IDC, before your Instructor Exam.

  • EFR (First Aid) Instructor Training - To select this as part of your Instructor Training Package, simply select it as a requirement in the options above before purchasing your IDC. The EFRI cost is reduced by $96 if it is purchased together with your IDC program now.

Training Materials:

During you IDC you will need special Instructional Materials to help you along your way. The materials you will need that you won't already have through previous training are all available in the PADI IDC Crew Pack. This pack is compulsory and is available for purchase at a discounted rate if selected with your IDC program.

You will also need to have the following materials before your course commencement as per PADI requirements:

  • Current PADI Instructor Manual (Downloadable from

  • PADI's Guide to Teaching * 

  • PADI Specialty Course Instructor Manual, or these specialty course instructor guides: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE and AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation*

  • PADI Open Water Diver Manual *

  • Recreational Dive Planner - RDP Table and eRDPML, including Instructions for Use booklets *

  • How to Use and Choose Dive Computers book *

  • Open Water Diver Quizzes and Exam booklet * 

  • Adventures in Diving Manual *

  • PADI Rescue Diver Manual *

  • Rescue Diver Final Exams booklet* 

  • PADI Divemaster Manual*

  • Divemaster Final Exams booklet

  • Aquatic Cue Cards for Open Water Diver, Adventures in Diving, Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Discover Scuba Diving

  • Confined Water Lesson Preparation slate* 

  • Open Water Training Dive Lesson Planning Slate* 

  • The Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving *

  • Diving Knowledge Workbook or eRecord for Dive Theory Online

* Items included in IDC crew pack

*Items able to be ordered

​Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program (MSDT)

A Master Scuba Diver Trainer is an Open Water Scuba Instructor, who is capable of teaching a large variety of PADI specialty diver courses and therefore desired by dive facilities and resorts making them more employable.. By becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer you'll add additional teaching certifications and experience to your PADI instructional portfolio, demonstrating different instructional abilities, making teaching more fun and exciting for both you and your students!


This rating can be achieved through the Master Scuba Diver Trainer Preparation Course, which teaches you how to deliver five different specialty diver courses. Your MSDT Prep Course takes place over 5 days following your IE.


Before applying to PADI for certification as an MSDT, you'll need 5 Specialty Instructor ratings (achieved during the MSDT Prep) and 25 student certifications.

If you select the MSDT Prep course, by the end of your program you'll be trained how to teach the:

  • PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course

  • PADI Dry Suit Diver Specialty Course

  • PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course

  • PADI Night Diver Specialty Course

  • PADI Oxygen Providers Specialty Course

  • Specialties can be changed as per candidate request


On completion of the MSDT prep program you will be required to apply to PADI for each specialty Instructor rating and MSDT application.



*           MSDT Course fee 

*           PADI Specialty Course Instructor Application Fee

*           PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Application Fee- You can apply for your MSDT rating once you have been certified with five additional Specialty Instructor ratings (as above) and have taught and certified 25 student divers. 


IDC Program Requirements

IDC candidates must: 

  • Be at least 18 years of age 

  • Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months 

  • Be certified as a PADI Divemaster, PADI Assistant Instructor or equivalent qualifying rating. 

  • Have a current dive medical signed by a physician  (less than 12 months old from last day of IE) 

  • Have a current First Aid certificate less than 24 months old

  • Show proof of a minimum of 100 logged dives 

  • Have all required diving equipment 

  • Have all books requested by the Course Director (as per materials) 

  • Submit copies of all Dive Certificates 

Instructor Development Course


  • Completed Dive Medical Form, - signed by a doctor,

  • Towel, swimsuit, mask, fin and snorkel, dive equipment for pool/ocean.  

Requirements for certification

  • Completed e-learning record,

  • Successful complete AI/IDC, EFRI and

  • Pass independent evaluation by PADI IE Staff

Confined Water Presentations

Confined Water Presentations

Welcoming to IE

Welcoming to IE

Open Water Skill during IDC

Open Water Skill during IDC

Presentation by Course Director

Presentation by Course Director

Describe your image.

Halifax 2015

Halifax 2015

Describe your image.

Diver Medical Form

The World Recreational Scuba Training Council/DAN (Diver Alert Network) and Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society worked together to produce the Diver Medical form.  

Before any training can take place divers are required to fill out this Diver Medical Form.  Please read thoroughly and answer honestly. If you can answer "Yes" to question 3, 5, or 10, OR any question on page 2, then you are required to obtain a physician's release on this form. 

Training Refund Policy

To sign up for a course a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. Elearning codes transferred to another student if the e-learning code has not been sent.

Rescheduling Fee:  $150 rescheduling fee for missed courses or last minute changes, within 1 week of the start date. This fee must be paid before rescheduling to the next course date.

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