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Baywater - Pebble Beach Dive Site

Hubbards, Nova Scotia
Certification Level:  Novice


The pebble beach makes for a nice relaxing dive.  From this spot you'll be able to see a fish farm in the deeper water, in the lee of an island.  This site is fairly well sheltered from winds.  You'll have to park along the ride of the road. While you can dive just down the road at the Bayswater Pulbic Beach and Picnic area just down the road this site makes for a more interesting site.

Nice fish life in the summer: Cunner, Pollock, Sea Ravens, Sculpins, Tomcod and some flounders.



There is lots of parking along the side of the road.


none on site

Site Entry/Exit

Very easy entry into the water

Points of interest/natural navigation aids:

lobsters and lots of marine life (moon snails, pollock, sea ravens, sculpins, cunner, flounder)

Bottom Composition & Depth:

Depth ranges from 56ft to 17m, bottom starts off as the pebbles same as the beach and switches over to sand/rock quickly


Visibility varies based on many influences including the weather - rain runoff, wind and waves - the tides and the time of the day.  Improved visibility may be experienced during slack high tide.  Visibility of 30ft to 40ft/9m to 12m is not uncommon for this site.

Hazards and Safety:
Take care walking down the large pebbles/cobble, as the small rocks can shift under foot with the weight of dive gear on.

More Information and pictures Coming Soon
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