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Drysuit and Wetsuit Maintenace

Is your Drysuit more like a wetsuit? Tired of waiting on shipping and lengthy delays in getting your suit repaired? Why shorten your dive season! Our staff at East Coast Scuba & Watersports are trained in drysuit repairs.

All repairs, leak tests and suit assessments are conducted on site. Give us a call or drop by with your suit for a quote.


Nervous about accidentally ripping your neck or wrist seals? Why not move to the quick neck or wrist? You'll have the ability to change the seals yourself so you don't miss a dive.


  • Drysuit

    • Leak testing: Nothing is worse that having a leaky drysuit.  Our drysuit techs start with a leak test before doing any work to a suit, to let you know full extend of repairs needed. After testing we can tell you exactly where the suit is leaking and if it's worth to repair it.  Our techs are able to find even the smallest of holes that might not let water in yet but are likely to become a problem.  We have a hydrostatic machine that can test weak spots in materials. We evaluate the state of the zipper, wrist and neck seals, boots/socks, seams, valves and the overall condition of the suit material.  

      Our Techs will complete a final leak test after completeing the repair work to ensure your suit is returned completely dry.  There is no charge for this 2nd leak test. 

    • Zipper replacement: We can install either plastic and brass zippers into your suit.  

    • Neck seal replacement: We can install latex and neoprene into your suit and should you wish to have silicone seals into your suit we can install Si-Tech Quick neck. 

    • Wrist seal replacement: We can install latex and neoprene seals or if you are looking to have silicon we can talk about P/U ring options for user-replacemable seals.  

    • P/U ring install:  If you don't want to lose your suit for a repair period, this is a great option for you. With P/U rings installed into your suit you are able to replaceable seals and install various dry glove systems in your suit.

    • Quick neck install:  With a Quick Neck you can choose the type of neck seal you want to install. You'll be able to install latex, silicone or neoprene and never miss out on another dive.  It takes 5 minutes or less to change out a neck seal. 

    • Valve service and replacement:  Is your valve sticking? Auto inflating? or just a salty looking we can chat about options and if you need to replace the valve

    • Install or replacement of dry sock and boots:   leaky boot/socks or worse the wrong size for you? Not a problem our techs can replace the boots/socks our and we have a wide range of stock. 

      We work on all brands and styles of Drysuits. We have support from major manufactures. We understand the importance of not voiding any warranty your suit may still have and can reach out the the manufacture on your behave to talk about warranty work.

      We understand how important it is to have your suit returned as quickly as possible. We can provide this service by keeping a large stock of parts and we have the equipment on-site to do any repair or alteration to your suit.

      We are the Nova Scotia's Drysuit experts, our goal is keeping you DRY in your DRYSUIT and diving year round. We strive to turn your old suit into almost new suit. 


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