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Wrecks of Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia coastline is full of wrecks waiting to be explored by all certification levels.  We can supply you with dive brief and a history of the ship; we're very luck to say our staff have well over 15 to 20 years of experience with diving these wrecks. You'll find artificially reef (sunk for diver), world war wrecks, ships that misjudged Nova Scotia's jagged rocky shoreline to ships that misfortune due to scavenging and much more.  On this page you'll find pictures, videos and date wreck sanked as well as certification level.

We operate charters all around Nova Scotia and not just in the HRM Area.  Let us help you fall in love with exploring the local wrecks

More wrecks write ups and videos coming soon


Martin Van Buren





HMS L-26


Kaaparen  (Original name Larviksfjord)

(Originally Lincoln City, renamed Chicago then renamed Salerno)


See below charter dates:

If your interested in booking private dive charters with us please email us and we'll be glad to accommodate groups.

In order to hold your spot on the charter we do require a 50% non-refundable deposit.  If the charter is cancelled due to weather you can use the deposit for the following weeks charter.


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