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Fox Point Beach

St. Margaret's Bay/Hubbards
Certification Level:  Open Water/Great training site

What to see:  This site offers diver a nice relaxing dive site, that as well offers a beach area for play and picnics, an overall great area for friends and family.  The first few feet of the dive are made up of small and a few large rocks with many crabs and sand dollars. As the slope continues the composition will be consisting of sand where a good eye can catch a few skates.  As well if one is lucky they may be able to catch a glimpse of a lobster or two.  If diving to the left of the site, near the rocky shoreline, visibility may be reduced due to increasing turbidity and increased kelp and seaweed.  Hover you may see more crabs and lobster.  Fox Point is a great site for a relazing day and as well is close to a more advanced shore dive site 4.5kms up the road named Birchy's Head.

Bottom and DepthThe bottom starts off with small pebbles and sand at the entrance.  The bottom slopes very gradually and at around 3 to 6ft (1.83meters) there area  are a few larger boulders and small rocks dispersed in the sand.  As the slight declining slope continues the bottom consists of fine sand and a few dispersed rocks and gets to a maximum depth of about 35ft (10.67m) to 40ft (12.9m).

Fox Point Beach is semi-sheltered cove with a very east entry/exit point.  The beach itself is sandy with a few scattered rocks.  The best part of the site is that you can park your car, throw your gear on abd go directly into the water.  The site lies 152 degrees SE standing on the beach looking out over the water.

The bottom for the most part, is gentle sloping and sandy.  To the left is a rock wall all along the shore for a breakwater.  To the right ere is not much to see because its mostly all sand.  Although the beach is  quiet big the best diving is closer o the left-hand side; this is where the majority of the aquatic life hangs out.  You start out at 0ft/0m and can go, at low tide (10ft/3.05m), to about 30 to 40ft (12.9m).  At about 10ft (3.05m) of water the rocks start to appear, you can follow them right out to max depth.  Surge and currents are not a problem here with an average of 10ft/3.05m to 20ft/6.1m of visibility depending on weather conditions .  Water temperatures like most sites in this area are from 33 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to about 60 Fahrenheit in the fall.

As for the aquatic life goes, the majority of it consists of lobsters, crabs, flounder, sea perch, sand dollars, moon snails and about the middle of July there are lots of big jelly fish and possibly squid once in a blue moon a wolf fish will make an appearance in the area.


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