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Herring Cove Dive Site

Herring Cove Road, Nova Scotia
Certification Level:  Novice


Herring Cove is fairly close to Halifax and a great site for all levels of divers.  This site is well protected from various weather, making it a very popular site for divers.


What makes this site so great?  It has everything for all divers, shallow so you can spend a fair bit of time exploring, photography is fairly easy and lots of life ready to pose for a photo. Herring Cove has an easy entry and exit point, slight or no surge.  Check out East Coast Scuba & Watersports Marine Life page for examples of local life you may see (hermit crabs, sand dollars, flounder, sea raven.


Please be respectful when parking here.


There are no rest room facilities at the site. Be aware that this is an active walking trail that many locals use.

Site Entry/Exit

The entry into Indian Cove is very easy and simple. It is a gently sloping rocky beach which comes directly up to the parking area. The beach consists small rocks rocks and crushed stone with a scattering of large boulders.

If your looking to avoid all the shallow water you can walk over to the point of the island (easier at low tide) you'll drop off to 60ft/18.29m.

Points of interest/natural navigation aids:

Divers exploring this site can see a variety of sea life including lobsters, crabs, flounder and even the odd seal can be seen here.

Bottom Composition & Depth:

Over all it’s a very gentle slope mostly sand bordered by rocking shorelines, with few areas covered with eel grass or kelp. Depths range from 9.8ft/3m to 52ft/16m.


Visibility varies based on many influences including the weather - rain runoff, wind and waves - the tides and the time of the day.  Improved visibility may be experienced during slack high tide.  Visibility of 30ft to 40ft/9m to 12m is not uncommon.

Hazards and Safety:

 Boat traffic may be an issue. Don't forget to log any garbage removed from the site on the Project Aware site or App (

More Information and pictures Coming Soon
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