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Commercial Diver - Orientation Program

The Diver Certification Board of Canada Unrestricted SCUBA 20,30 or 40 meter Course is the minimum course
required by employers in Canada and Worldwide for any work completed underwater using SCUBA equipment.
Examples include: Underwater Inspections, Fish farm/Aquaculture, Underwater Film/Video, Public Safety Diving.
Prerequisites: to enroll in an entry-level commercial dive program applicants must have a minimum recreational
certification level of Open Water Diver with 20 logged dives and 10 hours bottom time. Most institutions prefer a
more robust and comprehensive program as commercial dive training is intense and sometimes in adverse
conditions. Students should be comfortable in the water able to cope with light task loading and must have
experienced the sensation of being underwater for long periods of time before entering the program.
The Commercial Diver Orientation program starts off with prerequisite recreational scuba diving experience and
certification. The basic fundamentals of diving are taught in an e-learning environment as well as practically in a
crawl,walk,run approach to mastery of basic skills in confined controlled conditions then demonstrated to the
instructor in an open water environment. The recreational certifications earned in this program are awarded by the
world’s leader in recreational dive training, PADI.  Xtreme Edge Dive Center has a PADI Course Director (highest
Instructor Trainer certification level in PADI), two Master Instructors' (highest Instructor rating) and a number of Open
Water Scuba Instructors and Divemasters on staff.

Recreational Certifications included in this program:
-  PADI Open Water Diver, Combined Confined/Open Water Dives 9, Min 10hrs
-  PADI Advanced Open Water, Dives 6, Min hrs, Min 4hrs
-  PADI Specialty Course; Night Diver, Dives 3, Min 2hrs
- Boat – Dives 4, Min 3 hours
Minimum Recreational total dives and hours : Dives 21, Min 19 Hours

In addition to the fundamental skill-sets being learned the following more advanced skills will be introduced:
* Surface Marker Buoy deployment, Knot tying, light load Rigging and lifting * All Open Water Dives will be
conducted in a dry suit.
* Open Water Dives will be conducted from both shore and boat with qualified assistants
Commercial Diver Orientation

Once the candidate has mastered the recreational skill-sets we will move on to an introduction into commercial
diving theory, equipment use and operator maintenance.  We currently have a Commercial Dive Instructor on staff
that will conduct an orientation module to commercial dive equipment including the Kirby Morgan EXO 26 full face
mask with communications a Kirby Morgan 97 commercial diving helmet.  This training will be academic and
practical in a controlled environment. Minimum orientation dives 2, max 4. Number of hours 6 hrs.

Optional modules include:
- Equipment Maintenance/function Orientation (Rec/Commercial)
- Small Boat handling (Practical)
- First Aid / CPR
- Breathing air compressor operation and user maintenance
- Light familiarization rigging

Total dives and minimum hours (excluding optional modules) 27 dives and 25 hours (can be extended based on
aptitude). All equipment will be provided less mask, fins, snorkel.  We are a commercial dive equipment retailer
and can make logical suggestions for future purchases to include commercial dry suits such as Viking.
This is a premium quality, performance orientated, program that exceeds minimum entry level commercial diver
prerequisites (eg. Seneca, Holland College). It is supervised and instructed by highly qualified and experienced
recreational and commercial dive instructors. The program is designed to introduce dive knowledge and skill-sets
as well as orient the potential commercial diver candidate for success in continued training.


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