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Tony Sampson

Tony Sampson first started diving when he joined the military in 1981.

Tony has served with the NZ military, fire service , police and NS EHS as a paramedic. In his 41 year dive and public service career, he has been fortunate to work all over the world and has called Nova Scotia, Canada, home since 2006.

Completing cross over training in 2011 to become a un-restricted occupational scuba diver with DCBC, Tony has continued his love for diving and training working for Falck Safety services/RelyOn Nutec) as an offshore survival instructor, HUET instructor and advanced marine first aid instructor for both military and offshore oil projects.

Currently working with Titan Maritime Ltd, Tony and the Titan team have been working with DFO over the last three years in the recovery of Ghost Gear in Atlantic Canada by employing both traditional dive methods and also hi tech recovery methods to rid the ocean of discarded and lost fishing gear.

Tony is a Padi Master Instructor and enjoys diving both standard SCUBA equipment and Closed Circuit Rebreathers. His main love is ship wrecks and teaching his students the mystery and history of these lost windows into the past. Tony has also been featured as a diver on many different television shows, such as The Curse of Oak Island, and Beyond Oak Island and he has been safety diver on feature film movies.

Tony Sampson

PADI Master Instructor

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