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Tracy Gregory

About me

I took my open water course in October 2010. I've always had a strong love of water/ocean, the mysteries it holds and the desire to explore. It was pretty clear from the start I was hit by the scuba bug. I would be lying if I said every dive was amazing.  In the beginning between learning new gear or being the new diver with a million dive toys hanging off me (clearly over kill in the eyes of seasoned divers). I've had a very rounded diving portfolio since starting diving. I moved towards my Padi Dive Master course within the same year of learning to dive. I couldn't get enough of diving and started to move towards the technical side of diving.

Very quickly I found the deeper wrecks held my heart; there was nothing like planning a deep dive, descending the line down to 200ft and seeing the wreck appear in front of you. You are instantly hit by the wrecks history and the fact very few people have explored these depths.

I decided to become a PADI instructor for several reasons.  There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a student breathing underwater for the first time or overcoming trouble with a certain skill and most importantly sharing the diving passion with others.

Master Instructor

PADI Master Instructors are recognized as elite scuba diving educators who, through dedication and hard work, have proven to be dive industry leaders. You earn the Master Instructor rating by exemplifying what it means to be a scuba diving professional through your teaching efforts and professional conduct.  In the PADI teaching hierarchy the Master Instructor is the 2nd highest rating you can earn.

Owner - ECSW


IDC Staff Instructor

Rescue Lifeguard Instructor
EFR Instructor Trainer
Care For Children Trainer
Ice Instructor
Fish Identification Instructor
Deep Instructor
Dry Suit Instructor
Enriched Air Instructor
Night Diver Instructor
Wreck Instructor
Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
Project Aware Instructor
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Sp Instructor
Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor

ANDI CCR rEvo lvl 2
PADI Tec 50
PADI Tec 45
PADI Tec 40
PADI Gas Blender
PADI Side Mount
PADI Deep/Wreck/Night/Enrich Air
PADI Ice Diver

Poseidon Regulator Service Tech
PSI O2 Cleaning Tech
PSI Valve Repair Tech
PSI Visual Tank Inspector
Poseidon Service Tech

ScubaPro Service Tech

My favorite wreck Russian/Kolkhosnik 140ft
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